New York. Vermont. Utah. Lousiana.

Yoga. Backcountry Skiing. Rock Climbing, Minimalist Trail Running.

Inspiration for happiness. Everyday.


Hard work rewarded with great views.

Some days my practice is well-rounded. Some days it’s all restorative and I just lay in one pose for 15 minutes (sometimes I end up falling asleep on my mat). Other times, it’s all handstands and arm balances and core and then I’ll skip anything dealing with my core for a week at a time. I’ll back bend for an hour straight and then other days skip it completely and stay in pigeon pose for an eternity. My practice is everywhere all the time depending on my day, on my life, on how my body feels. But it’s all yoga. Even when I just breathe it’s still yoga to me. When we start to say what yoga isn’t and we pick it apart, we’ve missed the point completely. Yoga is not this pose or that pose. It’s everything and none of it all at the same time. Don’t worry about the particulars, don’t worry about putting a label on it, just get on your mat and do what feels right. There is no formula or equation. There is no right or wrong.